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Brandon Dill and Jon Martino have been friends for over a decade.  They both worked together in a “Big Box” eyeglasses retailer for years and later moved on together to a wholesale prescription eyeglasses lab.  There, Brandon was in charge of all lab operations and Jon ran the coating facility.  Brandon’s expertise in optical lens manufacturing and Jon’s expertise in lens coatings (scratch coat, mirror and anti-reflective) collided one day when the two discovered the need for a quality lens replacement option for name brand sunglasses.


A few years ago, Brandon was busy reselling name brand sunglasses by word of mouth to anyone who wanted great sunglasses at a discount.  It was a small “underground” operation that was limited at the time by an already saturated market.  However, his passion has always been optics and his heart was set on innovating within the industry.
Meanwhile, Jon was developing thin film coatings for optical lenses in a wholesale manufacturing laboratory.  His work on adhering thin metal coatings (about 4 nanometers thick) to the scratch resistant hard coating on the front and back surfaces of a lens was rapidly evolving.  Through “Ion Compression”, he was able to Fuse these coatings to the lens material itself, making them more scratch resistant and durable.
Fuse Lenses Began by Helping a Friend
One of Brandon’s friends wanted to buy a pair of shades.  It was a brand that was not available to Brandon at the time.  This was a problem because these sunglasses were expensive by themselves and his friend was stuck with this high quality frames that were virtually useless.  The friend asked if he could just replace the lenses.  After all, a few scratches and lack of polarization was all that was wrong with them anyways.  With Brandon’s background in optics, he knew there was a way, and after researching equipment and production techniques, he was able to cut what would be remembered as Fuse Lense’s First Lens.  The end result turned out great.  The friend was stoked and told all of his coworkers at the local fire station about his luck.  Before too long, the whole crew dug around for their old pairs of useless sunglasses to have their lenses replaced.
The Team-up
Brandon and Jon teamed up to try to develop a full line of lens replacements that were affordable and creative.  They wondered how many more sunglasses owners had tossed old pairs due to scratches or wear..and realized they were stumbling onto a valuable un-tapped market.  They soon realized that damaged lenses was only 1 reason to shop at Fuse.  The ability to customize your very own sunglasses while maintaining the quality and name of the sunglasses brand proved to be extremely valuable to a large group of consumers.
The Growth
With a keen sense of customer awareness and an attention to detail (not to mention a few name changes) FuseLenses.com was born.  The first piece of lens cutting equipment was purchased and installed.  Lenses were being cut in Brandon’s garage in Clearwater, Florida and emails were being answered by Jon in the middle of the night from his home office.  After a few smoldering months in the garage, the operation was ready to move to its first facility, also in Clearwater.  Exactly 1 year later, the laboratory was moved again to meet growth of the company and to install larger, more state of the art equipment.  This equipment led to the expansion of Fuse’s product offerings and the ability to guarantee perfect cuts on the lenses that were being manufactured.  It also gave birth to the lens testing department which has set the quality standards that you can only expect from Fuse Lenses.
For the first time ever,  a customer could purchase a pair of lenses that would actually make their sunglasses better by adding polarization, anti-reflective coatings and, of course, a beautiful spectrum of colors.
The Promise
Brandon and Jon’s commitment to offer only the best quality optics and coatings has lead to a carved out niche in the market place.  Fuse Lenses focuses on the newest technologies in lens materials for cleaner, crisper vision while expanding its range of scratch-resistant and mirror coatings.  Since these lenses are manufactured and tested “in house”, quality, product availability and options are dramatically increased.
Currently, Fuse’s premium lenses offer shatter proof-resistance, polarization, anti-reflection, low-light transmission, 1-2 year warranty, and of course a beautiful metal mirrored coating…but we’re always on the hunt for the next best thing for our customers.

What’s the Difference?

With it’s roots deeply embedded in the optical industry, Fuse Lenses has been able to team up with some of the biggest players in the field to develop some of the best sunglass lenses money can buy.  Digitally enhanced optics, superior scratch coatings, “bullet proof” lens materials and the widest range of color options are only some of the reasons that you should Fuse your favorite shades.  You are not getting flimsy, wavy “aftermarket” lenses with us.  These are the quality of lenses that you are used to and that your shades deserve.
Replace your lenses because they’re scratched or broken.  Pop in some color to change your look.  Add some tech to your shades to help enhance your vision for specific activities.  Whatever your reason for needing lenses, just remember that Fuse is the name you’re looking for.




Do you offer a military discount? Thank you!

yes! Please email us at eyecontact@fuselenses.com

Hey guys!

I have a specific and kind of peculiar pair of sunglasses which I would like new lenses for: Gucci GG 1044/S with clip-on lenses. Could you make both the clear lenses for the frame and the tinted lenses for the clip-on? The lenses seemed to beveled/replaceable on the clip-on… Thanks in advance for you time and attention. Happy holidays!

Hey! It’s not something we have on file, but we should definitely be able to do a custom for that. Are you looking at Rx lenses? you can check out our site at http://www.fuse-rx.com and can reach out to us at eyecontact@fuselenses.com with your prescription and frame info and what lenses you were looking at.
Or, are you looking for just plano lenses? If so, we can do a custom order for you, just check out the link here: http://www.fuselenses.com/custom-lenses.php

Do you offer discounts for veteran military/current LEO? Thanks in advance!

I see you offer military discounts. What is the code to use for that, I’m a 20 year Air Force veteran/pilot currently flying for Delta Airlines..
Jeff Prestage

Hi, Thank you for service! I will email you the code.

Do you offer a military discount? Thanks Scott

Hi, yes! We do. I will email you the code.

I want to order lenses but ensure they arrive by Wednesday 7/26. If this can be done if I order today. I will order right now!! Thanks

Hi, I am so sorry I am just now seeing this. In the future, processing typically takes around 3-5 days but if you purchase priority shipping, you do receive priority processing as well. The best way to get ahold of us for quick questions is through Facebook or email eyecontact@fuselenses.com

Brian Masterson

Just ordered another pair of your lenses. They rock, never had an issue and will order again without hesitation. BTW, the ‘cool part’ of your video starts @ 00:19 and not @ 00:50. I don’t ever plan on being shot, but if I ever do, I’d be ok if this gorgeous gift from God was the one pulling the trigger. :p

Chris maughlin


I’ve ordered quite a few lenses for various brands/styles, I’ve worked with Whitney in the past.
I was wondering if you have any coupons for loyal, repeat customers with a sunglasses collection better than most retail shops =) I’m in Seattle, time for the to come out! ..finally.
I’m interested in ordering a few pairs for my Oakley, Straight jacket 2’s

Thanks in advance, hope you are enjoying your day..

Thank you so much for your support! You can use code sunny15. Here is the link to the lenses for the Oakley Straight Jacket 2.0: http://www.fuselenses.com/oakley/straight-jacket-2.php

I stopped by your outdoor tent event in Orlando today. Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions, Jon. I took advantage of the offer you presented me and ordered the G-15 polarized for my Oakley Garage Rock, thank you for that too!
You guys totally impressed me…. you had quite a crowd around your tent and the edger going to cut lenses right there under the tent in this Florida heat! I witnessed many happy customers as well!

I just recently purchased several pair of lenses from Fuse and have been very satisfied. I purchased replacement lenses for my Oakley Gascans and Turbines. They fit perfectly and I had no issues. Last year I purchased lenses for my Dragon Alliance Repo glasses (2 pair) and was very happy with those as well. After I noticed a scratch on my Fuse + lenses I contacted customer service and they had a new pair out to me within a few days. Zach and Jessica have been very helpful.

Carol Trainor

I paid 289$ a month ago!!! Why haven’t I heard anything or received the label??? Order # 17408710

I am so sorry about that! We sent you a shipping label for your frames on 3/21. I will look into why you were not receiving our communications. I’m having Zach reach out to you. Please look out for his email, coming from zgoodin@fuselenses.com. If you do not see an email from him by tomorrow, please double check your spam folder and reach out directly to him. I am so sorry for the trouble.

My lenses scratched so easily I may have bought gas station glasses . I am very unhappy with your lenses

I am so sorry to hear that. We do offer a 60 day guarantee, so if your purchase is within 60 days, we can definitely get a refund going for you. Just get an email sent to eyecontact@fuselenses.com with an order number if you have it. If you are outside of that initial guarantee, we also include a 1 year, 1 time replacement warranty on all products or a 2 year, 1 time replacement on Fuse +Plus that covers scratches as well as manufacturer defects.

I am so sorry to hear that. We do offer a 60 day guarantee, so if your purchase is within 60 days, we can definitely get a refund going for you. Just get an email sent to eyecontact@fuselenses.com with an order number if you have it. If you are outside of that initial guarantee, we also have a 1 year, 1 time replacement warranty on all products that covers scratches as well as manufacturer defects.

I’ve sent two messages this week regarding a question on lenses for my Oakleys, but no response. One via the online form four days ago and then one to the email address yesterday. Is anyone home?

Hi there, we did receive and respond to both of your messages, one of 3/31 and one on 4/4. If you did not see our responses, try to check your spam folder. Sometimes we end up there! To answer your question, I believe brown would be a better match. F30 is more rose in color. We also do not carry F30 in our Fuse +Plus line. I’m so sorry for the trouble.

So you conduct a test of probably the most attention drawing feature your glasses have going for them, but didn’t think to record it? Naw, I totally believe you have invented such a high quality plastic that it can stop a a direct hit from a .22.
Hasn’t someone sued you guys yet?

Hey there! We did not invent Polycarbonate – it has been around and in production of safety eyewear since the 1960s. Definitely not advocating to have someone shoot at your face, but you can check out our video from the range here:

The cool part starts around 00:50

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