Find Your Perfect Pair


A Guide to Figuring out the Right Shape for your Face 

When searching for your next shades, it’s tempting to go for the “on-trend” pair you saw your favorite celeb sporting. Unfortunately, all trends won’t look good on all faces. So, what to do? Don’t get overwhelmed and don’t just grab the first pair you see. Use our simple guide to find your face shape and find the pair of sunglasses that you were born to wear.



Define Your Style

With your new-found knowledge, go forth and find some sunnies! Just one style of sunglasses can have thousands of variations, so take a deep breath and dive in to finding a pair that is uniquely you.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find a pair that is the whole package, either. Fuse is your ally in amping up your style. Find your perfect frame and take it to the next level with Fuse’s line of colored and polarized lenses. Nervous about bending or breaking your new purchase? Just send your frame in to Fuse and we will happily install your dream lenses!

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