Grand Prix of St.Petersburg

Grand Prix of St.Petersburg


Fuse is back in the office for three short days before venturing back out to the 12 Hours of Sebring Race Event. Before we do that, we wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth, and to the awesome Chase from Kanga Marketing who just seemed to keep finding the mic and kept the crowd coming and going with awesome giveaways, contests, and some jokes.

We’ve done quite a few events now, but there’s just something about being in your own back yard. We loved seeing old friends, new fans, and especially those of you who were already sporting your very own pair of Fuse Lenses. Our Saturday night afterparty was a hit – no doubt thanks to the free beer, wings, and the awesome beats of The Time Travlrs (who – by the way – will also be breaking it down Friday night in Sebring)! In case you missed it, the Fuse famous Dr. Jay also stopped by – not to race, though – just to hang, as he was mentally preparing for his 12 hour run next weekend.

As always, thanks for the rad time. Looking forward to the next one!
(Good thing we won’t have to wait long) đźŹŽď¸Źđź’¨ đźŹŽď¸Źđź’¨

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So Long for Now

So Long for Now

blogThis past weekend, Fuse Lenses officially wrapped up the last race of the Pirelli World Challenge at the Mazda Laguna Seca Racetrack in Salinas California. While this race marks the end of the season, we definitely went out with a bang.

For those who have been following the races, you may have seen a Fuse appearance in a small 10 by 10 booth – but that is a thing of the past. More space, more booth, and more wow is what we went for with the introduction of our new Fuse Booth set up. We had TVs playing all of our videos, custom lens cutting on the spot, a prize wheel with race-themed giveaways, and even our very own waffle bar.

The sick set up definitely called for one thing: an after party. So we did what we do best – grabbed a keg (or two), hired a DJ, and threw one last party of the season. We want to thank everyone who came out to the booth, spun our wheel, got new lenses, and partied it up with us. It’s been a great season, Dr. Jay!



Photography By: Blake Cortes // Kanga Marketing 

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Dr. Jay Takes on Canada

Dr. Jay Takes on Canada


It’s the next stop in the Pirelli World Challenge for our favorite driver, Dr. Jay.

This time, we are headed over the border to the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

You can catch the Fuse Crew hanging out with Dr.Jay at the Berg Racing tent.
( Or get a glimpse on Snapchat: @Fuse_Lenses )

For those not able to make the trek to Canada, you can watch Dr. Jay’s races live on
Tune in Friday, May 20th at 3:05pm EST and Saturday, May 21st at 8:30am EST for the live-stream!

Good Luck Dr. Jay!

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A Weekend at the Races

A Weekend at the Races


Fuse recently took on the Pirelli World Challenge’s opening weekend at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas! Our days were filled with long hours, exciting races, broken elevators, and the chance to meet hundreds of great new fans!

Although opening weekends are always rough, we are excited about our new partnership with Fuse Racer, Dr. Jay and cannot wait to see what the rest of the season has to offer! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to learn more about us and to everyone who helped make last weekend a success.

One down – way more to go!


In case you missed it, here is what to bring with you to the next one.

Photography By: Paul Bostrom // Kanga Marketing 

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Must-Haves for the Race Track

Must-Haves for the Race Track

The Fuse Crew is gearing up for a weekend at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas! To prepare, we’ve compiled a list of essentials that will be in our string bags come next Friday.

Things to Remember:

  1. ___Tickets/Pit Passes/Parking Passes: You won’t get very far without these. Some people hang them around their neck in plastic sleeves for maximum accessibility.
  2. ___Seat Cushion: Treat your behind like a king and avoid an uncomfortable situation by buying a dense foam cushion. There are often custom ones for sale at most tracks.
  3. ___Cold, Hard Cash: It is the easiest way to purchase food and other items at the track. Most places don’t take plastic, although there should be some ATMs hanging around.
  4. ___Binoculars: All the better to see the cars with.
  5. ___Camera: Record your day at the races! (Or just use your cellphone, tbh).
  6. ___Cell Phone: It seems like a give-in. But, you need it to keep track of your friends (or the people you came with – I can’t speak for them) on race day.
  7. ___Sunglasses: Limit eye strain and increase visibility. Try polarized lenses to cut glare from the track.
  8. ___Sunscreen/Hat: Protect yourself further from the Sun’s harmful effects (and lessen your chances of leaving the race as a lobster).
  9. ___Poncho: On the flip side, make sure to check the weather. Don’t get rained out.
  10. ___Towel: Helpful for BOTH drying off seats after it rains AND keeping cool on scorching hot days. To keep cool – soak your towel in cold water and place on your neck. Towels are awesome.
  11. ___Ear Plugs: You know how loud those cars can get! These can often be purchased at the track for around $2.
  12. ___Wet Naps: A bonus item for when you are settled in your seat and finish eating your Cheetos.
  13. ___Comfortable Shoes: A lot of walking plus a lot of stairs equals not the right time to break in those fancy new kicks.
  14. ___Asprin, Antacid, Contact Solution… Be prepared for whatever the race can throw at you – especially if that something is greasy food.
  15. ___Cooler: Filled with ice and drinks in non-breakable containers (think: plastic bottles and aluminum cans.) Check with your race track for cooler size restrictions.
  16. ___Snacks: Don’t go hungry on race day. Also, don’t spend all your cash (that we remembered to bring) on food.
  17. ___Carrying Bag/Backpack: This list would be a lot to carry by hand. Plus, where are you going to put your souvenirs? Check with your track for any restrictions and expect it to be searched.
  18. ___Race Fan Items: If you mean serious business don’t forget to take a Stopwatch, Radio/Scanner, Headphones, Schedule, Entry List, and Speed Chart to help you keep up with all things race day.

Things to Forget:

  1. No Pets: Sorry, Fido.
  2. No Glass: Glass Breaks…
  3. No Illegal Drugs: Unless you’re wanting a free night in jail.
  4. No Fireworks/Firearms/Propane: Or typically anything that can go “BOOM!”
  5. Anything else that doesn’t seem quite right: Use your judgement; if it doesn’t mix with hoards of people and crowded areas, you should probably leave it at home.

See you on the track!

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Jay Salinsky | Fuse Racer

Jay Salinsky | Fuse Racer

  • AGE // 42
  • CLASS // TCA
  • NUMBER // 16

Dr. Jay Salinsky is a Florida native who by day is an Orthopedic Surgeon,
and by weekend is an ace racer.

The Racing Addict

When he isn’t behind the knife, Dr. Jay is busy living a “racing addict’s” dream. He can regularly be found in the shop rebuilding his roadsters or tweaking the suspension on his Ariel Atom – always with his wife and best friend, Chris, right by his side.


Not Your Average Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Jay cannot recall a time where he wasn’t enthralled with sports car racing. According to Dr. J, the quest for a perfect lap keeps him going. He said, “when you finally beat your time by .01 seconds, the challenge resets in your head,” and you never stop trying to beat your best.

Although it was only recently that his passion became a career, Dr. Jay tasted the sweet podium early on and is never looking back. He told Fuse that when you cross the finish line knowing you made the podium, you just have “an indescribable feeling.”

As the 2016 season heats up, Dr. Jay promises to drive fast, clock record time, and fight his way to the top of the podium! Fuse will be right there with him, spraying champagne.

We look forward to a great season!


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