Shield your eyes!

It is a typical day: you are running out of the door and forget your favorite pair of shades (again). It is bright outside, so your eyes feel a little discomfort and you squint a little. So what? What is the big deal?

Repeated and overtime UV exposure can lead to some serious health problems – including painful sunburns and deteriorating vision – even if it is cloudy outside!

What is the Sun Doing to your Eyes?


How can I protect myself?

Sunglasses are the only way to shield your eyes from the sun’s powerful rays. But, don’t think that just any old pair of shades can halt the sun’s harmful effects. Use these tips:

  • UV protection: Always buy 99 or 100 percent UV protection! If it doesn’t have a label, there is no information available, or, even worse, a pair says something obscure like “absorbs UV rays,” just walk away.
  • Polarized: Polarized glasses actually don’t offer any additional UV protection benefits. However, they cut glare considerably, which can be advantageous particularly while driving or out on the water.
  • Color: The darkest lens in the store doesn’t translate to the best protection. Lens color is all about preference! Green, grey, yellow, brown, or rose offer different benefits and can be used to help you gain an edge in certain activities.
  • Material: Quality lenses will be made of a durable material and offer crisp vision, with little distortion. Make sure you aren’t buying a plastic imitation by checking for distortion. Wear the pair and look right to left through the lenses.
  • Frames: Bigger is always better! Make a hot fashion statement, and improve your UV protection, by choosing over-sized frames. When more of you is covered by your lenses, the sun has less area to reign terror on.

Luckily, Fuse Lenses can be your partner in eye health! Keep those eyes and frames fresh with lenses made with optical grade polycarbonate material that offer 100% UVA/B/C protection. We have every color, any frame, for almost all of the brands in your sunglass arsenal. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about UV protection.


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