Do Sunglasses Make You More Attractive?

With Valentine’s day coming up, many people are longingly looking at those with baes, or vying for a date at a local bar. But, what if I told you that there is a way to increase your “je ne sais quoi” when it comes to nabbing a prospective partner? Well, (as you may have guessed due to the constant theme of this blog) the answer is to wear shades. Here are four reasons why, when on the prowl, you will never want to leave the house without them:


We had two victims from the Fuse Team. You can tell us if sunnies helped their overall look. This is our social media manager (a.k.a. me).

1. Symmetry
It has been found over and over again that there is one very important characteristic in societal perceptions of attractiveness – symmetry. Unfortunately, no one really has a perfectly symmetrical face. You may think you look pretty good, but everyone has tiny oddities that equal out to being not-so-symmetrical. By wearing sunglasses you are hiding those asymmetrical oddities. Your face becomes more balanced and your bone structure is enhanced. Thus, you become more attractive. Just take a look at the pictures of our willing victims…I mean models. Although their mothers love ‘em, we do believe they become better looking donning a pair of Fuse Lenses.

2. Mystery
Who doesn’t want an exciting, mysterious man (or woman) to come in and sweep them off their feet? That’s right – everyone wants that. Being that humans take many social clues from the eyes, eye contact leads to many connections or assumptions. For instance, if your date tells a joke and you aren’t really into it, they can tell almost instantly if you are fake laughing or smiling (since true smiles engage the eyes as well). But, throw on a pair of sunglasses and your sham smile becomes almost impossible to figure out. By concealing your eyes with sunglasses, you make yourself more difficult to “figure out” and thus, more compelling.  

This is Peyton. We think he rocks those sunglasses. Although, he may already be too cool for school, considering he has his very own soundcloud.

3. Confidence
Wearing sunglasses also gives the wearer benefits. On the same note, by concealing your eyes you can feel as if you are less likely to be recognized or are at less risk of scrutiny. This can empower the sunglasses-wearing person to behave more boldly and take more risks than they typically would. This could give you the confidence you need to land the girl (or guy) that you typically wouldn’t impress.

4. Cool Factor
Sunglasses have an inherent “cool factor” that they may never shake. They are a relatively modern accessory that were introduced around the 1920’s but didn’t pick up in sales until a few decades lader. Before their commercialization, sunglasses were used to shield eyes in more extreme sports, associated with modern technologies like airplane travel, or used by the Hollywood elite to help block paparazzi camera flashes. This means that sunglasses carry a sort of edginess and glamour in our culture, even today. Think about the coolest cat you know – in your head, right now, they are probably wearing sunglasses (and a leather jacket).


Now, before we send you out with your shades to find a mate in the February wild – we do think you should take a moment to find the perfect sunglasses for you face. While you’re at it, you should also grab one of Fuse’s eye-concealing mirrored lenses to boost up your confidence a little more, and stay lookin’ fly with some freshies. Good luck out there.

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Nice article on why to wear sunglasses when looking for a mate. We all love symmetry deep down, Mystery always attracts, Everyone is drawn to someone with confidence, and we all want to be with someone we think is a cool person. Sunglasses should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe.

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