Should kids wear sunglasses?

Picture this – You’re about to walk out the door. You’re going to a neighborhood child’s birthday party. You open the door and promptly get blinded by the bright sunlight outside. You squint a bit, then reach for your favorite pair of sunglasses (hopefully with fresh Fuse Lenses). Then, you turn around and usher your precious child out the door with you. Are they wearing sunglasses too? If you’re anything like almost 70% of parents, the thought may have not even crossed your mind. But, this is a serious problem. Check out some reasons below why you need to always have a pair of kiddie glasses on hand:

Because their eyes are little and precious.

Kids are still developing (duh). And while some parts are no brainers, like their height or teeth for example, their eyes are still developing too! Children’s ocular lenses do not yet filter UV light as effectively as adults. Meaning each stream of light passing through their eyes is just that much more harmful to them as it would be to you. I think we all know what can happen to eyes after prolonged UV exposure – and it ain’t pretty. Plus, unlike sunburns of the skin, there are very little visible warning signs for a sunburnt cornea. 


Because of recess.

Children spend a lot of time outside. Recess, playgrounds, birthday parties, and sports teams alike all take children out into the elements. You may think hats are a good fix, but they only protect from the sun above – reflected light from puddles, concrete, or other surfaces are still letting dangerous light into their eyes. It’s even been said that around half of our lifetime sun exposure could come from the first 20 years of life.


Because they’re still learning.

Most children haven’t learned the effects of sun exposure yet. They don’t know where skin cancer comes from. They probably don’t know what UV stands for. So, they probably also stare into the sun more than they should. You can start teaching children now what the sun can do to them and how they can protect themselves! This will not only give you something to talk to your kids about besides Paw Patrol, but will also help build healthy habits that they will use for years to come. 


Because it’s not even that expensive.

You don’t need to buy a 4-year-old expensive Ray-Bans to protect his eyes. (Although they do have kid’s sunglasses and that is definitely a possibility if you have an extra $100 or so burning a hole in your pocket). Even a cheap pair of sunglasses can do the trick. However, you always want to check that they have 100% UV protection, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, and a comfortable fit.




So, if today you were thinking about whether or not you should spring for sunglasses for the whole family – we say, stop thinking and just do it! Grab a pair for you, for Grandma, Dad, and especially little Jimmy. Everyone may not appreciate it at first, but in years to come when they do not have degenerating eye tissues, they will (maybe?) remember you. Plus, you will know what frames they have for a guaranteed best gift ever – Fuse Lenses.



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