Grand Prix of St.Petersburg


Fuse is back in the office for three short days before venturing back out to the 12 Hours of Sebring Race Event. Before we do that, we wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth, and to the awesome Chase from Kanga Marketing who just seemed to keep finding the mic and kept the crowd coming and going with awesome giveaways, contests, and some jokes.

We’ve done quite a few events now, but there’s just something about being in your own back yard. We loved seeing old friends, new fans, and especially those of you who were already sporting your very own pair of Fuse Lenses. Our Saturday night afterparty was a hit – no doubt thanks to the free beer, wings, and the awesome beats of The Time Travlrs (who – by the way – will also be breaking it down Friday night in Sebring)! In case you missed it, the Fuse famous Dr. Jay also stopped by – not to race, though – just to hang, as he was mentally preparing for his 12 hour run next weekend.

As always, thanks for the rad time. Looking forward to the next one!
(Good thing we won’t have to wait long) 🏎️💨 🏎️💨

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