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You probably have a pair of sunglasses that you love.  It’s hard to let go of the shades that have been with you through good times and bad.  After all, it can be hard to find the pair that seems perfect for your face.  We all have different styles, shapes, looks and brands that we adore.  But, it’s a fact that your lenses will get scratched or damaged.  No lens is scratch proof.  No lens can last forever.  However, a good quality frame can stand the test of time.  It seems senseless to throw away a great pair of shades because the lenses are damaged.  But, what to do?
Fuse Lenses has a custom program that can help.  We love saving those shades and popping a new life into them.  We can send you a prepaid shipping label for your frames and custom cut lenses to fit with our state of the art, digital lens cutting equipment paired with an extensive calibration process and well trained laboratory staff to properly handle your beloved frames!  We offer over 40 lens colors/options to suit your needs and usually have your shades spruced up and back in the mail to you (new lenses and all) within 24 hours of receipt.
Check your “junk drawer”.  I’ll bet you have a pair ready to be revived right now!
You may never have to let go of those sunglasses again!


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