Cheap Shades Might Be Hurting You

Turns out, what is good for your wallet is often bad for your eyes.

We all know that it is better for your mood, your health, and your peace of mind to not leave the house without sunglasses. But, what about that cheap pair?

You know, the one you picked up for free from an event giveaway or that you purchased for $5 from a street vendor because it looked just like those Prada ones (but more… plastic). Well, it might be surprising to learn (or maybe not) that you’re better off sans shades.

Most cheap pairs do not offer full protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.0027

These glasses end up hurting your health by inhibiting your body’s natural reaction to squint at light. When we walk outside into bright light, our pupil shrinks and we squint to let in less light. But, when you put on sunglasses, you are essentially tricking your eyes into thinking you aren’t out in the sun, which reduces your need to squint and dilates your pupils to let in more light.

You might feel less discomfort wearing cheap shades than going without, but the level of UV light that would be flooding into your eyes puts you at a higher risk for cataracts, macular degeneration, and ocular melanoma (cancer of the eye).

So, how can you protect yourself?

You don’t have to stop being cheap. But, you do have to make sure you are getting the right protection. You want to always look for 99 or 100 percent UV protection. If it doesn’t have a label, if there is no information available, or if it says something obscure like “absorbs UV rays” look the other way. Likewise, it is a good idea to avoid sketchy street vendors who are probably dodging FDA standards by setting up shop on top of a cardboard box.
Fuse is also here for you! All of our lenses are made with optical grade polycarbonate material that offers 100% UV protection. We have hundreds of brands and frames on file and can even upgrade those “questionable” lenses through our custom program to make sure your eyes are safe!

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