Replacing Aviator Lenses

Replacing Aviator Lenses

Fuse makes some of the coolest lens options around for your sunglasses.  But, most people don’t know that you can change the lenses out at will.  You may assume that the lenses are glued in the frame or fastened in a way that a professional would have to change them out.  Even the manufacturers of most frames would say that the lenses are not interchangeable.

Well, I’m here to show you that it is WAY easier than you think.  In fact, changing the filter in your Brita container or putting air in your cars tire might, arguably, be tougher to accomplish.

This video illustrates how to change the lenses in a Ray-Ban RB3025 Large Aviator frame.  The principles of changing the lenses in this frame are virtually the same for any metal sunglass frame that we make lenses for.  Use this as a guide to changing your lenses and you’ll be comfortable with it on your first go.

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Custom Cut Throwback Lenses

Custom Cut Throwback Lenses

Watch the video to see the transformation


Customize your Eyewear /// Throwback from FUSE LENSES on Vimeo.

1980’s Smith’s Retro Frames


These 1980’s Retro Smiths had a brown tinted lens. The owner was wanting a fresh look, so we put our polarized “Glacier” lenses.

We have tons of lens options available for a wide variety of sunglasses. But, we don’t have them all. If you notice that lenses for your frame model are not on our site, we can still help! We can email you a prepaid shipping label for your frame and custom cut some lenses to fit. If the shape is common and sought after, we will store it in our database for future purchases. This is a sneak peak of what goes on behind the scenes to re-create your favorite shades….

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