Why Florida is OKAY

Why Florida is OKAY

We recently heard that a certain someone, *cough cough* Thrillist, decided to put Florida at the bottom of a list ranking all 50 states. We get you, we know that sometimes Florida can be… you know. Especially with Florida Man running around and all the hurricanes and what not. But, we do think Florida is pretty great and here’s why:

Beaches, hello?

According to the Florida Public Service Commission, Florida has 663 miles of beaches, with a total Coastline of 1,197 miles. So that’s literally 663 miles where you can chill, drink in hand, and do nothing all day long. In fact, Florida has the largest coastline – more than Cali and even more than Hawaii. Unfortunately, our coastline is quite a bit smaller than Alaska’s – 

but, since it’s very cold up there, I’m not counting them. You can bring any disputes about this directly to me.

No Snow

Sure, some days it feels like you’re walking out into a literal sauna. But, just think about the good times – the winter. The weather hardly dips below a pleasant 60 degrees, and there is not one ounce of snow that you have to shovel or drive through. I don’t even know what a snow tire looks like. We can swim and wear tank tops all year long – that’s enough to make any other state jealous. Hashtag – what is a heating bill?


Yes, I said sandwiches. First, I’ll start with the Cuban sandwich. Whether it came into being in Tampa or Miami, one definitely can’t argue that it is authentically delicious. The Cuban bread, the ham, the roast pork, the Swiss cheese, the pickles, the mustard – I see absolutely nothing wrong here. Second, I will take that and raise you a Pub Sub. If you haven’t ran to a Publix before the beach or on your lunch break and subsequently bit into deli deliciousness, you are missing out. While Pub Subs, like the Cuban, are also found elsewhere nowadays, you have the Sunshine State to thank for them. So, on behalf of everyone here – you’re welcome.

Disney World

It might be a sweaty, kid infested nightmare to some. But, just think about the children. Kids literally cry with joy at the thought of making a journey to the sacred Mouse’s kingdom. Plus, if Disney isn’t your jive we’ve got Busch Gardens, Islands of Adventure, LEGOLAND, Seaworld, and I could go on.


I was first going to tell you about the crystal clear springs ripe for exploring and diving. But, then I remembered we have Manatees that habitat some of those places. Not only are they Florida’s state animal, but they are also called sea cows – which just sounds so dang cute. Plus, they are some of the calmest and most gentle creatures on the planet. Manatees are a Florida win for sure.

Honorable Mentions

Let me just list some bonus things: Oranges, Key lime pie, sunsets, craft beer, St. Augustine, and Fuse Lenses. Just throwing this out here – without Florida, how are you going to upgrade your dingy old sunglasses?


So, there you have it. Here are just a few reasons why Florida is pretty dang awesome. Bash on us all you want, but Florida is here to stay and be considerably more awesome than most other states. Or – at the very least – more noticeable.

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Three Tips to Find Your New Favorite Sunglasses

Three Tips to Find Your New Favorite Sunglasses

With summer rapidly approaching, seemingly everyone is scrambling for a pair of sunglasses to shield their eyes from the intense UV rays to come. Obviously, we all want to look our best in the number one go-to summer accessory (sunglasses). One way to figure this out is figuring out your face shape. However, this is a process not everyone has the motivation to go through. Not to worry – here are three surefire tips for finding the perfect pair of summer sunglasses for you, the fastest and easiest way.


#3 Size Matters:
Especially when you are shopping online and can’t try on the frames, always check the description to find the sizing. Some frames are made with wider faces in mind, and are sized accordingly. You don’t want to have your petite features swimming in an oversized frame that won’t stay on.


#2 Balance is Key:
A tried and true rule to sunglass shopping is to find a shape that’s opposite of your features. This creates balance on your face and will help compliment your looks. If you have a rounded face, a rectangular frame can help ground you. And, the opposite is true – if you have more angular face a round frame can soften your features.

#1 Pull from your Past:
Not every new season requires a brand new frame. We all have shades we hold near and dear to our hearts – the ones that match every outfit and every adventure. (Or we at least have a few pairs we used to like hiding in a junk drawer somewhere). Fuse Lenses is here to help you update your old faves and get them looking fresh and summer ready.

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What is “Asian Fit”?

What is “Asian Fit”?


We all know there are many types of people in this world of ours. With those many types of people come many types of noses, faces, and cheekbones. Because of this, sunglasses don’t always fit each face equally. Therefore, a special breed of sunglasses were born under the not-so-subtle moniker of “Asian Fit.”

At first, this term may seem odd, or even offensive; however, this it’s more than just a marketing term, and although the styles are primarily marketed in Asia, the term specifically describes adjustments made to the sunglasses.

So what exactly is it?

The short version is that Asian Fit frames were designed for people with shallower nose bridges and higher cheekbones. People who possess these facial features typically have an uncomfortable time in sunglasses. Many sunglasses will easily slide down the nose and often rest on the tops of their cheeks. Asian Fit sunglasses try to combat these fitting issues with sunglasses that have a modified nose bridge, larger nose pads, or less of an inward tilt to them. Most of these adjustments are made very slightly, so to change the fit without altering the style of the glasses.

The wider nose and high cheekbones are typical for those of Asian descent, hence why the term Asian Fit was adopted by the eyewear industry. But, if you feel like these fit problems apply to you – but you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait, I’m not Asian…” – definitely don’t count these styles out! Sometimes, the style can be called “Alternative Fit” to be more inclusive.

How can I tell?

Oakley is primarily known as the frame manufacturer that popularized “Asia Fit” or “Asian Fit” sunglasses (typically abbreviated with an AF). Just a quick search on their website reveals all the different styles of glasses they have with this fit. Because Oakley has a unique SKU number on each of their glasses, you just need that letter/number combination and you can easily look up whether your glasses are Asian Fit or not. On some models, the letter “J” is present at the end of a SKU number to indicate Asian Fit.

Just because Oakley popularized the term, it definitely doesn’t mean they are the only company that offers them. A lot of high end designers such as Safilo and Oliver People’s have been making a special line of sunglasses for Asian markets since before the turn of the century, although they often don’t use the term. Ray Ban also has a few styles available in this alternative fit, and while they are considerably harder to find on Ray-Ban’s website, the frames feature an “F” at the end of the model number.

Are the lenses different?

Because of the business Fuse is in – this is single handedly the most important question that we need to let you know! So… drumroll please… the answer is… it depends (unfortunately). The lenses in some styles, such as Oakley’s Half Jacket and Flak Jacket, can be interchanged between Asian and regular fit styles. In other cases, such as the Ray-Ban Justin – RB4165 and RB4165F, the lenses are not interchangeable. This means that even if you know your frame is Asian Fit, it might not even matter that much! But, it’s still good to double check before purchasing lenses if you think you might have one of these frames.
Remember – if you ever have any questions or doubts, we’re here to help! Just send us a quick email at eyeconatct@fuselenses.com and our team can make sure you find the exact lenses that you need.

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Are Your Ray-Bans Real?

Are Your Ray-Bans Real?



Ray-Bans are probably some of the world’s most famous, recognizable, and iconic sunglasses of all time. First appearing in early-to-mid 20th century,  the aviators and wayfarers grew to iconic status with their use in classic movies such as The Blues Brothers and Easy Rider. With the popularity of Ray-Bans ever increasing, the number of people who are looking to profit stays increasing as well. By that, I do mean counterfeiters. Most people can live in oblivious bliss if their favorite pair isn’t 100%, but when you try to switch out the lenses for some of Fuses’, you might be in for a rude awakening when they don’t fit. To avoid any surprises, below are just a few quick questions you can ask yourself to help decipher if you indeed have a authentic pair:

1. How much did I pay?

The popularity of Ray-Bans comes at a price. Their glasses typically start around $130 and go up from there. Glasses that come with polarized lenses can pack an even bigger punch on price. Some people may find great deals on sites like eBay, Amazon, or others. But, if the sellers are parting with their glasses for way below market value, they might not be authentic. We all get tempted by sites that claim to have authentic Ray-Bans for $20; But, unfortunately, the only true way to buy online, worry free is direct from Ray-Ban or an authorized seller.

2. Are the details right?

Ray-Bans are a higher-end sunglass line and there should not be any noticeable defects in the glasses’ appearance. Beyond the construction, pay attention to the packaging as well. As Ray-Ban purchases should come with a box, a carrying case, and a cleaning cloth. These packaging items, as well as any markings on the glasses, should be free of spelling and printing errors. On the actual frame, Ray-Bans have pretty consistent details from frame to frame:

-On Wire frames, such as Aviators, the transparent nose pad will have an engraving on the metal beneath it.

Ray Ban Metal Nosepad


-On Wayfarer’s, the hinges on the arms are always large metal hinges, and will not be disguised or be a smaller, flimsier hinge.

-On every right lens, the iconic “Ray-Ban” logo will be painted on the top of the right lens – it should not be flaking or smudged.

Ray-Ban Logo

-On every left lens, a small “RB” will be engraved in the center left of the left lens. This should not be painted on. This may vary only if it is a vintage pair of Ray-Ban’s which might feature a “BL” instead, for the previous owner of the brand, Bausch & Lomb which sold Ray-Ban to Luxottica in 1999.

RB Left Lens


3. What do the inside temples look like?

The inside temple should feature a model number, color code, and size. You can use this number to look up what glasses you have online (as well as find Fuse Lenses for them). Sometimes counterfeiters will print the correct model number, but the number following (the color code) or the size may not match up. If you are having trouble locating the model number or finding an exact match online, there is definitely a chance that it is fake. Previously, you might have heard that if your glasses did not also say “Made in Italy” on the other temple, that they were fake. However, this may not be true. After Luxottica acquired Ray-Ban, some models were manufactured in both Italy and China.

If you ever have any doubt about whether or not your Ray-Bans are real when ordering your Fuse Lenses, just ask us! We deal with hundreds of glasses every week, and we can help identify your frame or help get you custom lenses for any pair of shades, authentic or not!

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Top 5 Reasons to Wear Sunglasses

Top 5 Reasons to Wear Sunglasses


5. Fashion


If you observe fashionable people – you will almost instantly see that they match. It’s easy to match your shoes to your shirt or not to wear brown and black together. But how do you take your fashion to a whole new level? Obviously, you buy different lenses to go with every outfit. I really don’t know how you didn’t put that together.


4. A Hangover


It’s Monday morning, you knew you shouldn’t have done it – but, you did. You’re at work and there’s nothing you can do. Or so you think. Next time, grab a pair of dark sunglasses and wear them like nobody’s business. Because, it is nobody’s business. It’s just like they always say: what they can’t see, they won’t know. Or something like that.


3. Avoiding Conversation


The main benefit to our mirror-coated lenses is the ability to mask your eyes. This comes in handy for avoiding conversation with your neighbor, the random person in front of you in line at the grocery store, or that high school classmate that you just happened to bump into. Are you asleep or just intently listening? They’ll never know.


2. Looking Cool


Here at Fuse, we have found that looking cool is all about being different from the norm – the alternative, if you will. No one else will be wearing their sunglasses inside, so you will instantly stand out. If that isn’t the definition of cool – I don’t know what is. No, really, if you know what could make us cool, please tell us.


1. Eye Protection


Of course, all of our customers know that the number one reason to wear sunglasses is: the sun. It’s a good idea to have a pair on hand everyday – whether you’re out side for 10 minutes or 10 hours. Well, unless skin cancer, macular degeneration, cataracts, and other diseases of the eye sound like a good time to you. We certainly don’t think they do. That is why Fuse Lenses protect your eyes from 100% of harmful UV rays so that you can live your day eye-worry free. It’s okay, you don’t have to thank us.

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Sunglasses Across the Globe

Sunglasses Across the Globe

Of course, all across the world are rich languages that each have their own word for sunglasses, but in addition to that, we have slang and pop culture terms, too! So, what do you call your sunglasses?

If you are in the United States or parts of Canada, you are probably going to constantly refer to them as shades. Unless you are a popular rapper, in that case you might be wearing Hater Blockers or Stunna Shades. In movies and songs from the early 20th century, you’ll find that they were often called cheaters.

Snow Goggles

Rudolph M. Anderson, May 1916, Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Native tribes in the Alaskan or Canadian Arctic might have seen Snow Goggles. These are awesome early Inuit sunglasses that help prevent snow-blindness by allowing you to see only out of a small slit. The world’s first sunglasses basically just squint for you.

If you are in Australia, New Zealand, UK, or South Africa, you definitely own a pair of Sunnies. Or if you reside in South Australia, you might prefer Spekkies.

In the Middle East, the term Cooling Glasses is popular.

In India, Glares.

In Scotland, Gleks.


Or if you are looking to be different, these terms for sunglasses might appeal to you:


-Sun Spectacles

-Sun Specs

-Sun shades

-Dark Glasses

-Tinted Lenses


-Solar Shields

There is even a name for your dog’s sunglasses, Doggles!

As you can see, there are a TON of ways you can refer to your solar shields. All we know is that whatever you happen to call them, you have to wear them! Make sure you look into Fuse for when those gleks are needing a refresh.

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Alpine Village Oktoberfest

Alpine Village Oktoberfest

Los Angeles! Home of the Dodgers, Lakers, Hollywood, Angels, Disneyland, Vans Open Surf Competition, Knott’s Berry Farm, Sony, Universal, Paramount, and USA’s best Oktoberfest!




It’s true – while LA languished for years as an empty desert for beer lovers and beer culture, Torrance has been holding fast to the good life with a month-and-a-half-long Oktoberfest, which dating back to 1968, a whopping 47 years. This local gem has seven weekends of German beer, giant steins, Bavarian dancing, bratwurst, craft beer, miniskirts, beards, plaid, lace, Oom Pah Pah big bands from Germany, sing-a-longs, yodeling competitions, and will be packed with more than 100,000 visitors over the course of this year’s celebration! The party is so epic and so long (and so family friendly on Sundays) it’s been nominated by USA Today as one of the top 10 Oktoberfests across the entire United States.


The Place

Located southwest of the 110 and 405 interchange, the Alpine Village features the Alpine Steinhaus, the Alpine Market, the Alpine Bakery, an import-shop dedicated to authentic German food, and the Alpine Cafe and Deli. Are you a planner? Skate out the village before the fest beings, and here’s what you’ll find…


The Alpine Steinhaus is a European-styled tavern naturally featuring craft beer, artisanal sausages made in-house, and a tasteful combination of European and American dishes. Their Oktoberfest party-spirit invades the menu, complete with an all you can eat beer/champagne buffet, waffle bar, bratwurst, potato pancakes, wienerschnitzel, goulash, and sauerkraut. There is nearly always live entertainment, and televised German Soccer Matches! How could you go wrong? I’m not nearly done, because happy hour last from 3-7 pm and features the best in West-Coast craft ale and German bier – if you’re an Angeleno, you’ll understand how mind-blowing this list is, when far too many places give a half-pint bud or stella in the afternoon. If you’re a beer lover, get ready to feel weak in the knees, because here’s the heros of the Alpine Steinhaus happy hour: Binding Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Radler, Brasserie Dupont Ave Les Bons Voeux Saison, Einstök Arctic Berry Ale Witbier, Goose Island, Krombacher Weizen Hefeweizen, Ninkasi ImperiALE Imperial Stout,, Ölvisholt Lava Smoked Imperial Stout, Paulaner, Original Munich Helles Lager, Stone RuinTen Triple IPA, Twisted Manzanita Rustic Horizon Red Ale, and Warsteiner Premium Dunkel, to name a few. Pardon me while I take a sip.

The Alpine Village only gets better the more you explore – they’ve got the teeth and the knowledge to throw a killer Oktoberfest and it’s on display year-round. The next example, the Alpine Cafe and Deli, was Voted “Best German Deli” by Los Angeles Magazine. They make their food with the freshly imported products you can buy in the import Alpine Market, ranging Bratwurst with Rotkohl to Schweinebraten, Gulasch, and Schweinshaxe. The deli’s old fashioned meat counter offers authentic European homemade sausages, cold cuts, cheese, Bratwurst, Polish Sausage, Wienerwurst, Liverwurst Pate, Biershinken, Laber Kase, Salamis, Sauerbraten, Alpine Ham, Black Forest Ham, Head Cheese and a simply ridiculous amount of more and more meat.


If that’s not filling enough or you’ve left your meat appetite at home in the midwest with your cousins Bill and Bob, the Alpine Bakery and Alpine Butcher is your pleasure house of of addictive German happiness. They make it all – cakes, pastries, and breads, with emphasis on German and European styles, naturally. Traditional pumpernickel, kommis, vollkorn, hefezopf, and alpine rolls fill out the expected offerings, while German chocolate, hazelnut, black forest, cardamon, cream puff, marzipan, cheese danishes, rum balls, granatas, and nusseken draw you in for the kill. The badass butchers work just as hard, stuffing 10,000 pounds of authentic German sausages every week, including over 30 varieties of award-winning (that’s right) artisan, European, and German sausages, ranging Nurnberger German Bratwurst to Smoked Polish Kielbasa Sausage, and Bavarian Weisswurst to Hungarian Debreceni and Gyulai. Legit.

2015-09-29 20_56_49-Fuse Lenses – Alpine Village Oktoberfest - Google Docs


Before you wrap your preemptive fest research, seriously stop by the Alpine Market Bottleshop for some instant take-home food-joy, including the seasonal Oktoberfest brews arriving from Germany. If that’s news to you, then Yes! Oktoberfest is a festival and a style of beer! The festival began as a wedding for Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese in 1810. The party was so fantastic (horse races and bowling!), it was developed into an annual celebration of prosperity and Gemütlichkeit (warmth, friendliness, and good cheer). Brewers joined the festivities with a preemptive increase of spring brewing and storage of their Märzen style beer. The months of barrel aging gave the beer a darker color and a new flavor, which quickly adopted the name of the festival, and Oktoberfest-style beer was born. So buy while it’s available and fresh and spread the good cheer of seasonal beer!


The Party

Okay, by now you have an idea of the party food palate pushing this fest to national fame, but We haven’t even started talking about the party.


First, a few pointers – the parties start at 6 pm on Fridays and 5 pm on Saturdays, so grab your shades and show up before 7 pm to avoid the lines, or buy online to limit the wait to 30 minutes. Parking is free and they offer designated driver passes with free non-alcoholic beverages. Take advantage.


Expect to sing and dance up a storm at this party. If you require emotional lubrication for this, no sweat, it’s Oktoberfest – there’s a style of beer NAMED for this party! Warsteiner has you covered on beer this year, with Oktoberfest, Dunkel, and Pilsner, with local breweries Firestone, Stone, Golden Road, Smog City, Allagash (not local, but whatever), Strand, Hanger 24, and Absolution rolling in with their unique offerings each weekend.Dress light, preferable in your best German plaid, green, blouse, or ruffled skirt to blend in and stay cool – fall tends to be the hottest season in LA.


At 6:30, the Festmeister (Hans) will welcome you and your horde and introduce the band and dancers for the evening. (Let’s hope you dressed light and blend in.) Then the Oom Pah begins! This year’s Germany direct Oom Pah bands are the Happy Franconians and Die ABC Böhmische Strassenmusikanten. Traditional music and song from the Fatherland ensue followed by modern Oktoberfest classics (which Hans and Heino! seem to embody, polyester, wigs, and all). The Chicken Dance will make an hourly entrance, followed by contests like DAS BOOT and stein holding. At 8 pm special guest, German zuperstar Heino! hosts contests and leads rousing rounds of prosts (cheers and salutations) with unique flair. Music runs until midnight, when the Afterparty opens in the Alpine Restaurant, when you can finally kick back for that after party brat and beer.

2015-09-29 20_58_41-Fuse Lenses – Alpine Village Oktoberfest - Google Docs
So it’s you, beer, brats, and another couple thousand people making German merry.

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Mayhem On The Mountain

Mayhem On The Mountain

fuse’s winter theme



It’s winter!  There’s the Winter X Games going on as we speak in Aspen!  There’s snow days shutting down schools and workplaces alike!  It’s 80 degrees and what feels like Spring time here in Florida…..

So, we are packing up some sunglasses, a ton of video equipment, some apparel and even a bear suit and heading to Breckenridge for what we are calling “Mayhem on the Mountain”.  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for some cool behind the scenes action of what is going on there while we pull together our winter content for the rest of this year and next winter.  There will be some serious video, some goofy B reels and a bunch of shots of me (probably in the bear suit) falling on my ass a lot.

Come along on our adventure, we’d love to have you there!


-Brandon Dill
Fuse Lenses
Owner/Founder/Worst Skier Ever

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Our Fans

Our Fans

We, here at Fuse Lenses, try to let our brand represent a lifestyle.  One of adventure, inspiration, soul searching and a love of nature.  Focusing on that point has been part of what makes this company fun to be associated with and exhilarating to uphold.  One of the most dramatic emphasis that this stance has put on the company is the impression that our fans and customers leave us with.  They truly become part of our family.  I have run into people on the streets who recognized a hat or t-shirt and spoke up.  I have talked with strangers about our mission and goals.  We have had countless customer emails and advocate responses.  The common factor is that these encounters are representations of a bonded friendship that we have made throughout the course of our social interactions (on line or in person).  The community of Fuse Fans is growing tremendously and I am very proud to be in the mix.  You guys are at the helm of something grand have guided our experiences beautifully and continue to do so.

So, keep up the great work you guys!  I can’t wait to see where you steer the ship next!

Truly honored,

Brandon Dill
Fuse Lenses
Owner/Founder/Fan (just like you)

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Fuse+ Plus

Fuse+ Plus

Fuse Plus

What’s up Fuse Heads!  Today I wanted to go over some of the main differences between our Fuse Lenses and our Fuse+ Lenses (Fuse Plus).  While our Fuse Lenses are some of the best quality lenses in the lens replacement realm, we saw a need for a high end lens that rivals the optical industry’s standards of quality for Rx lenses.  I mean, if you think about it, Plano (+0.00 power) is still, arguably an Rx.  In fact, I think it’s more important for the quality of vision to be dead on in a plano lens.  There are tolerances in the optical industry for lens power.  Someone with a + or – 5.00 can tolerate a slight deviation from this power and still see fine.  If you put the same deviation in front of an eye that needs no power, you can cause waviness, blurriness and headaches for the customer.  I don’t know, maybe it’s my optical background speaking, but perfect vision requires perfect lenses.

So, we contacted some of our industry friends at Carl Zeiss Vision and came up with a plan.  We would distribute lenses under our name (Fuse+) that were optically made to Carl Zeiss specifications and tolerances.  This Italian company is well known in both the optical and photography fields for excellence in quality.  Their lenses are made to such tight specifications that we are still trying to get approval on some of our color options.


See, the hard coating of a lens is what provides it with its scratch resistance.  This coating is literally spun on the lens or the lens is dipped into a coating bath.  The harder the coating, the more brittle it is under pressure and heat, the harder they are to tint and apply mirror coatings.  There is a fine line between scratch resistance and durability.  The perfect example is glass.  If you own a pair of Ray-Bans or Costa Del Mar’s, you probably have glass lenses.  Glass is great because it is hard to scratch.  However, it is also heavy and shatters when you drop them. Zeiss uses their own proprietary coating formula to obtain a hard coating that can withstand temperature changes while also having the ability to be tinted and mirror coated.  This coating is as close to the scratch resistance of glass that you are going to get (without being glass).  Because of its density, there are currently some mirror colors that we have been unable to adhere to the surface.  The scratch resistance and durability of the mirror coating is just as important to us as the hard coating.


Glass lenses have long since been discarded in the Rx industry of optics and aside from a few stragglers (Ray-Ban, Costa and Maui Jim) sunglasses manufacturers have gravitated to a very hard, durable, lightweight and optically crisp lens called polycarbonate.  Even the the previous mentioned brands are starting to move towards Poly.  Polycarbonate is used in many applications including CD’s and bullet-proof glass.  In America, it is the most commonly used material for Rx glasses with CR39 close behind.  CR39 is a composite plastic that is heavier, easier to break and cheaper to make.  We do not like CR39 for our application, because you can easily break the lens inserting them into the frame.  The main purpose for CR39 is economical value to the customer.  In fact, most states deem the material unsafe and illegal for children to wear.

There is another lens commonly used in the sunglasses arena that I was completely unaware of until we started Fuse.  It is called Triacetate or TAC.  This material is also very durable and light weight.  But is usually thin, flimsy and optically inferior to polycarbonate.  It is also cheaper to make and is what is used by 100% of our direct competition.  No exceptions that we’ve seen to date.

So, we use polycarbonate.  Go ahead, try to break them….They won’t.  We use this material for 2 reasons.  We want to stand out optically in our field.  Optics, after all, have been my passion for many years.  And, most of the name brand shades on the market are using polycarbonate in their models to start with.  We want to be as close or better than the original lenses that you had to begin with.

Zeiss lenses help us achieve a better quality than what you’re used to optically.  They are so strict on their tolerances that any level of waviness or deviation from +0.00 power in their lenses get tossed in the garbage.  Because of this, they are a little more expensive (But, well worth it).    In fact, after dealing with Zeiss for a while, we have become made aware that about 90% of all frame manufacturers use the same lenses that we do.


So, why do frame manufacturers charge more for the lenses?  If you can even get the lenses replaced from the manufacturer, they will charge you up to 3 times what we do for a couple of reasons.  1. Because they can.  Up until recently, they were the only place to get this kind of quality anyways.  So, why not charge more for it.  2. Because they want the price to be high enough that it convinces you to buy a new pair of glasses, not replace your lenses.  Don’t be mad at them for this….it’s what I’d do too if I was manufacturing frames.

Since our business is lenses and we don’t have the brand recognition that some of the bigger frame vendors do, we try to competitively price and market our lenses so that you get a great value and great product rolled into one.  It’s proven challenging, but with the great customers and advocates that we have met along the way, we see a big impact in the sunglasses field.  We are really on to something here.  We see that you guys are willing to sacrifice a little dough (and I do mean a little) to get a better product.

We are currently working towards a new material range of lenses all together that will completely blow your mind!  It’s one of those ah ha moments when you put the  lenses on.  Kind of like HD is for television.   Stay tuned!


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention.  Since the Fuse+ lenses ARE actually stronger and ARE acutally better optically, we throw in a 2 year warranty for the product.  No questions asked.  Scratch them, break them, beat on them, return them.  You’ll get a brand new set.  This warranty is free and lasts a year longer than most of the frame vendors will give you on the frames themselves.

Anyways, I’m not really trying to sell you on Fuse…just inform you about Fuse+.

Thanks for reading!


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Say Yes!

Say Yes!

These days, it is so easy to get stuck into a rut and routine that makes us feel “comfortable” and “easy”.  For many (or most) of us, that is what we are actually striving for.  It’s what is passed along to us from our previous generations of mentors, teachers, guidance counselors and friends.  I wish that I could say that there is nothing wrong with that, but I think that I’m going to have to disagree.

Our education serves to tell us to work hard at a degree, get a good job, make lots of money and we will be happy.  This, simply put, is NOT true.  There are plenty of unhappy doctors, lawyers and architects out there just wasting away their lives.  Unfortunately for most, you don’t realize that you’ve let life slip away until it’s too late.

“Youth is wasted on the young” – George Bernard Shaw
This famous quote is the perfect example of what I’m talking about.  The world can be a magical, exhilarating, exciting place filled with wonder and adventure.  We all have what it takes to explore these wonders.  But, we spend our youth trying to secure a spot in the rat race so we can live a standard, ordinary life in a comfortable (not adventurous) manner.  If we only taught our youth to try to travel, experience new heights, explore their potential and find the happiness within.  We could be free from the chains of society and be bold in our thoughts and actions!

I personally, encourage my kids to explore.  Find their limits and push beyond them.  I believe that we, as humans, have a remarkable ability to adapt to stress and limitations.  What once pushed our boundaries, now seems hopelessly boring.  The once complex is now simple.  I encourage you to get out there and complete your bucket list.  Take control of it.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  The memories and culture that the world has to offer is more accessible than ever!  You are a plane ride away from your next adventure.  Don’t get complacent.

I talk about this because I have been opened up to it.  I always felt tired, bored and lost in the crowd.  When I decided to say yes to life and adventure, even when I was uncomfortable with the idea, I learned that my youth was restored.  I wake up excited, exhilarated and empowered.  I now look for things that make me uncomfortable to say yes to.  I was recently asked to do a radio interview that would be heard by 30,000 plus people.  I blew the host off numerous times until I realized what I was doing and why.  I was nervous to speak in crowds.  What if I said something stupid (which I did)?  What if people don’t like me (some don’t)?  Once I realized that I was saying “no” because I was uncomfortable, I immediately made the decision to set up the interview.  I can honestly say that I am no longer uncomfortable in that setting.  What’s next?  We’ll see…

Now a radio interview is not my idea of a grand adventure, but I think it gets the point across that you have to consciously make the effort to change your mindset.  This is an ongoing process.  If someone asks you to go skydiving….”Say Yes”!  If you have a friend that wants you to tag along on a hiking trip…”Say Yes”!  If you get an offer to take a trip anywhere that you have not already been….”Say Yes”!  Epic stuff never happens to those who always say no.  So, for the sake of awesomeness, “Say Yes”!

Fuse Lenses is a brand that is all about the lifestyle that we live.  We want to be there on your journey.  If we open up the mind to one person’s life story, we will be proud of that.  Send us your pics and stories so we can share them with the world and start a revolution on self worth and happiness.

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Is It Winter Yet?

Is It Winter Yet?

FullSizeRender2I’ve been watching the weather lately and have to say….It does not feel like winter yet here in FL.  In fact, I spent all weekend at the beach.  It was 85 degrees with a nice south wind.  I was born and raised here so, you will never hear me complain about the warmth.
However, I have also noticed that the rest of the country is FREEZING!!!  I feel a little bad for you guys.  But, you get to enjoy the snow season.  Skiing, snowboarding, snow mobiles and all that kind of stuff sounds like a blast!  I’ll be taking my first ski trip this January and you better believe I’ll be rocking some shades.  It always surprises me that sunglass sales drop off in the winter.  Maybe less people go outside during the cold months.  But, the UV index is usually higher in the cold and the reflections of light off of snow can be very intense.  Polarized lenses seem just as important in the winter as they do in the summer.
Polarized lenses are great because they block glare.  Glare is caused when light, which travels in all directions, hits a horizontal, reflective surface (like snow, water, windshields, etc).  Once light bounces off of a surface, it is concentrated to one direction.  This is why glare is so blinding.  Polarized lenses have a filter that blocks glare.  They don’t let light that moves horizontally through the lens.  This is an amazing feature for driving, fishing, skiing and so on.  I know that I’ll never wear anything else.  It’s one of those things that once you try them, you can’t live without them.
FuseLenses.com has some of the most advanced polarized lenses on the market with some of the coolest color options ever (in my opinion).  So whether you’re shredding the POW or barrels, you can always find yourself in a pair of Fuse Lenses.
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