Limited Edition Spring Tints

Limited Edition Spring Tints

Fuse is so excited to announce the release of our first limited edition colors! We were feeling the spring season this year and decided to offer some pastel tints to put some spring into your glasses too! Our three tints named Coral, Orchid, and Ocean will be sure to make you more fashionable, more awesome, and have you feeling like it’s springtime, all the time. Check them out now. 



30% Visible Light Transmission

100% UV protection

Wear your true colors.

This cool, purple tint will have you walking around with an air of nobility. Perfect for both stepping up your style and/or reminiscing on the disco era. 






53% Visible Light Transmission

100% UV protection

See the world through coral colored glasses.

…or is that not the saying? If it isn’t, it should be. This rose-orange tint is the key for keeping up the illusion you are living in sunny springtime, all the time.





30% Visible Light Transmission

100% UV protection

Breathe in the salt air.

These calming all blue gradient tints start out a darker teal blue at the top, and fades to a lighter blue. It’s kind of like you’re wearing the tranquility of the sea on your face.




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Nova: Fuse +Plus Exclusive

Nova: Fuse +Plus Exclusive

Introducing Fuse’s First Fuse +Plus Exclusive Color! 

Nova is a stellar multi-colored Red Mirror on top of a grey base lens. This means that Nova’s mirror has hints of not only red, but also purple, orange, and yellow when viewed from different angles. This gave us inspiration for the name – Nova. A Supernova is a brilliant explosion of a star at the end of its life. A supernova can briefly outshine entire galaxies with its power and leaves behind the brilliant colors of a nova-3nebula in its wake.

Despite the vivid colors on the mirror – looking through the lens, Nova still keeps a neutral/warm grey view. The Grey view makes Nova a perfect everyday lens! Grey lenses are perfect for keeping colors true, while cutting through the bright sun. Plus, you get all the benefits that our Fuse Lenses +Plus line has to offer:

Lens Science

  • Increased scratch resistance
  • Clear Guard: Hydro-oleophobic coating
  • Ion Anti-Reflective backside coating
  • Polarization to combat annoying glare
  • Bulletproof Polycarbonate material
  • Superior Optical Clarity



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Not Too Flashy

Not Too Flashy

Not every occasion calls for a “stand out” look.  Sometimes flashy gets in the way.  One of the beautiful things about the ability to change your lenses is that you can customize your look to suit the occasion or your mood.  During the warm summer months here in Florida, I gravitate towards the solid, bold mirror colors.  However, I prefer a cooler, calmer look in the winter and find myself replacing my flashy mirror lenses with a toned down, non mirrored polarized lens.  Don’t worry.  I save the flashy ones for when the mood strikes again.
Of course, you can never go wrong with Grey Polarized.  It seems to be the most commonly used lens because this color works well to dampen the surrounding light in most environments.  However, the G15, or Greenish Grey adds a little pop to your vision.  The greenish color helps to build a contrast between greens and browns that make things like landscape back rounds stand out.  This color was originally developed for pilots by American Optical and quickly became a best seller when RayBan adopted it.  It really is one of the few colors that gives you the “WOW!” factor when you first put them on.  It’s almost like viewing the world in High Definition.
You really can change your whole look and feel without breaking the bank on a new pair of shades.  After all, the way your sunglasses fit your face may be hard to duplicate.  Changing the way they look is easy!

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Betcha didn’t know….

Betcha didn’t know….

Random Fact:

In the 1930’s, the Army Air Corps commissioned Bausch and Lomb to make a highly effective sunglasses that would protect pilots from the danger of glare. Company physicists developed a special dark-green tint known as G-15 that blocks the yellow band of the light spectrum. They are still used today in Ray-Bans.

Yep, we got em…..get yours now at

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