Can Sunglasses Expire?

Research recently surfaced in Brazil that showed that our favorite sunglasses might start to work against us.

Scientists at the University of São Paulo developed an aging test to see how well sunglasses stood up to UV exposure over time. Turns out – not so great. It looks like after 2 years of everyday sun exposure of 2 hours per day, the UV protection may deteriorate. Of course, risk and exposure is higher in countries like Brazil – they are closer to the equator and have a higher UV index. 

The sun might actually start to deteriorate sunglass lenses over time.

This has still opened up discussion into why there is no recommendation on when to update your sunnies and why there is no current standard for testing the longevity of lenses. We know that UV exposure can lead to everything from cataracts to retina damage, and even skin cancer developing around the eyes!

Despite these initial findings, there won’t be any official recommendations until more research is done and more is known. However, you can definitely take steps to ensure that your eyes are safe! Make sure to buy lenses that are 100% UV protected, or labeled “UV400.” Also, keep in mind that while polarization, tints, and mirrors are some cool features of lenses – those do not correspond to UV-protection. Even clear lenses can protect from the sun’s UV rays – ours do!

Whatever the case may be, here at Fuse we were always way ahead of them – we replace our lenses all of the time! So, if you have been reading any of these articles warning you to ditch your worn-in favorite pair – step away from your trash can and replace the lenses instead! (duh)

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