Be Bold

It’s a brand new Year!  What a successful ride 2014 was!  I want to first thank everyone who participated in our sunglasses movement.  You guys are my heros!  We are ready to kick some ass in 2015.

This may sound contradictory to my last post here.  Let’s be brazen.  Let’s be showoffs.  Let’s be bold.
You could do this in a subtle way with a new watch.  You can be outrageous with makeup and a new hair cut.  Somewhere in the middle is what works best for me….How bout you?

What is the middle, you ask.  Well, new shades, of course.  The problem with most sunglasses though, is the lack of options.  You can’t always make a statement with what the manufacturer is providing you with.  If you want to go colorful, you may find yourself shopping in a drug store for some cheap, bright RayBan style sunglasses that will break in 2 hours and probably shouldn’t be seen on an adults face anyways.

Enter Fuse Lenses.  Now you can customize your authentic, name brand shades with a style of your own.  Check out my Spy Discords with the Bella Polarized lenses.  Yep, that’s a pink mirror coating.  Are you man enough to wear pink lenses?  I know, it’s not everyone’s style.  That’s ok.  Maybe try the Glacier lens.  It’s as bold of a blue mirror as you’re going to find.

In any case, you should know that you can personalize your style with an upgrade in your current shades.  They’re easy to install and come with a 1 year, no questions asked, warranty….

Check it out!

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