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Brandon Dill and Jon Martino have been friends for over a decade.  They both worked together in a “Big Box” eyeglasses retailer for years and later moved on together to a wholesale prescription eyeglasses lab.  There, Brandon was in charge of all lab operations and Jon ran the coating facility.  Brandon’s expertise in optical lens manufacturing and Jon’s expertise in lens coatings (scratch coat, mirror and anti-reflective) collided one day when the two discovered the need for a quality lens replacement option for name brand sunglasses.


A few years ago, Brandon was busy reselling name brand sunglasses by word of mouth to anyone who wanted great sunglasses at a discount.  It was a small “underground” operation that was limited at the time by an already saturated market.  However, his passion has always been optics and his heart was set on innovating within the industry.
Meanwhile, Jon was developing thin film coatings for optical lenses in a wholesale manufacturing laboratory.  His work on adhering thin metal coatings (about 4 nanometers thick) to the scratch resistant hard coating on the front and back surfaces of a lens was rapidly evolving.  Through “Ion Compression”, he was able to Fuse these coatings to the lens material itself, making them more scratch resistant and durable.
Fuse Lenses Began by Helping a Friend
One of Brandon’s friends wanted to buy a pair of shades.  It was a brand that was not available to Brandon at the time.  This was a problem because these sunglasses were expensive by themselves and his friend was stuck with this high quality frames that were virtually useless.  The friend asked if he could just replace the lenses.  After all, a few scratches and lack of polarization was all that was wrong with them anyways.  With Brandon’s background in optics, he knew there was a way, and after researching equipment and production techniques, he was able to cut what would be remembered as Fuse Lense’s First Lens.  The end result turned out great.  The friend was stoked and told all of his coworkers at the local fire station about his luck.  Before too long, the whole crew dug around for their old pairs of useless sunglasses to have their lenses replaced.
The Team-up
Brandon and Jon teamed up to try to develop a full line of lens replacements that were affordable and creative.  They wondered how many more sunglasses owners had tossed old pairs due to scratches or wear..and realized they were stumbling onto a valuable un-tapped market.  They soon realized that damaged lenses was only 1 reason to shop at Fuse.  The ability to customize your very own sunglasses while maintaining the quality and name of the sunglasses brand proved to be extremely valuable to a large group of consumers.
The Growth
With a keen sense of customer awareness and an attention to detail (not to mention a few name changes) FuseLenses.com was born.  The first piece of lens cutting equipment was purchased and installed.  Lenses were being cut in Brandon’s garage in Clearwater, Florida and emails were being answered by Jon in the middle of the night from his home office.  After a few smoldering months in the garage, the operation was ready to move to its first facility, also in Clearwater.  Exactly 1 year later, the laboratory was moved again to meet growth of the company and to install larger, more state of the art equipment.  This equipment led to the expansion of Fuse’s product offerings and the ability to guarantee perfect cuts on the lenses that were being manufactured.  It also gave birth to the lens testing department which has set the quality standards that you can only expect from Fuse Lenses.
For the first time ever,  a customer could purchase a pair of lenses that would actually make their sunglasses better by adding polarization, anti-reflective coatings and, of course, a beautiful spectrum of colors.
The Promise
Brandon and Jon’s commitment to offer only the best quality optics and coatings has lead to a carved out niche in the market place.  Fuse Lenses focuses on the newest technologies in lens materials for cleaner, crisper vision while expanding its range of scratch-resistant and mirror coatings.  Since these lenses are manufactured and tested “in house”, quality, product availability and options are dramatically increased.
Currently, Fuse’s premium lenses offer shatter proof-resistance, polarization, anti-reflection, low-light transmission, 1-2 year warranty, and of course a beautiful metal mirrored coating…but we’re always on the hunt for the next best thing for our customers.

What’s the Difference?

With it’s roots deeply embedded in the optical industry, Fuse Lenses has been able to team up with some of the biggest players in the field to develop some of the best sunglass lenses money can buy.  Digitally enhanced optics, superior scratch coatings, “bullet proof” lens materials and the widest range of color options are only some of the reasons that you should Fuse your favorite shades.  You are not getting flimsy, wavy “aftermarket” lenses with us.  These are the quality of lenses that you are used to and that your shades deserve.
Replace your lenses because they’re scratched or broken.  Pop in some color to change your look.  Add some tech to your shades to help enhance your vision for specific activities.  Whatever your reason for needing lenses, just remember that Fuse is the name you’re looking for.




I have a newer or older pair of Smith Optics PivLock Overdrive Sunglasses. I don’t see an easy way of giving you my RX for lenses and getting a cost. I want polarized with grey/brown/etc. How can you quote me? Oh, and here are the pair I have…apparently there are a number of different frames made:

Hi, you can visit our Rx site – fuse-rx.com – for our costs. If you have any questions, definitely reach out to our customer service team at eyecontact@fuselenses.com
You can follow this link for the Rx prices for your frame! You choose your lens and then can enter your Rx and add coatings: http://www.fuse-rx.com/smith/pivlock-overdrive-rx.php

Is there laser engraving on all of the new + Plus lenses or is it a personal request? What’s the cost?

The laser engraving is included on all of the new Fuse +Plus lens purchases. We currently do not do personalized engravings.


I have searched everywhere for replacement lenses for y alternate fiy rayban rb2132f 55mm shades. Do you know if the lenses for the rb2132 fit the alternate fit ones?

Thank you!

From what I have found, the regular RB2132 55mm lenses should fit the 2132F. If they end up not working, we will work with you to either adjust the shape or give you a refund, no problem! http://www.fuselenses.com/ray-ban/new-wayfarer-55.php

do you do military discount?

Do you have lenses for the M Frame?

Currently, we are unable to do any shield style/one-piece lenses at this time. Sorry about that!

William T. McPherson

Unable to purchase your Justin replacement lens. I would like your phone number to be able to place my order

Unfortunately, we are unable to take orders by phone! You can send an email over to eyecontact@fuselenses.com if you wanted to pay by invoice.

Bill centers

In mid August i’m getting large ( 62 or 63 mm?)ray Ban aviator. My eyes are very light sensitivity. Thinking polarized of course fuse ion greay + ar coating if that’s the darkest 9% ? Can you do a prizim in bifocals? Then tinted light grey ar coating on Ray Ban 2132 58( the new large)

Hi, Yes our Grey lens will be the darkest option at 9% VLT. For prescription lenses, we do not offer bifocal lenses. We only do single vision or Progressive lenses. For more information about customizing your prescription lenses you can email eyecontact@fuselenses.com

Hey, I have a couple of questions. Do you guys have any plans to make lenses for the Oakley Catalyst? Am I only able to pick colors under the make/model page for a set or can it be any color from the lens color page as there seems to be a few more options?

Hi there! We actually do have the Oakley Catalyst on file. We are working on updating the website listings. If you do not want to wait, you can definitely email customer service at eyecontact@fuselenses.com and they will be able to email you an invoice for the lenses you wanted to purchase and get your order placed.
As far as lens colors, all of our colors do fit most frames, however, there are some frames that do not support certain colors, due to variation in size or thickness of the lens.

Hi again! We updated the website listings. Here is the link to the Catalyst frame: http://www.fuselenses.com/oakley/catalyst.php

Hey, I just bought a pair of “O bottle rockets”. I’m sure the lenses that come standard are great, but I really want to find a transitional lens for them. That would allow me to enter a dark building and leave my glasses on. And to return back to outdoors without having to take my glasses off. Is that available?

Hi there! We do have a photochromic lens option. Unfortunately, our Photochromic Lenses are too thick to fit some semi-rimlesss frames like the Oakley Bottle Rocket frame. So sorry about that!

Will you ever have the Blaze colored lenses available in Ion? The main thing I am interested in is the Clear Guard coating.

I just ordered some polarized Blaze for a set of Oakley Tinfoil Ferrari’s.

All of our lenses do feature the Clear Guard, Hydrophobic Coating. So, the lenses you ordered will definitely have that!
The main feature of the Fuse Ion line is its Anti-Reflective backside coating. While we don’t have an exact date or specific plans yet, we do hope to expand our options available with this.

That is great news. The AR coating would be a bonus, but I’m sure I’ll be satisfied with my purchase.

Andrew Zarb

Great business you guys got going on!
I have a pair of Persol 9649 (55mm), howeverm i cannot seem to find the lenses on your site. Do you get lenses for this particular model?

Hi there! We don’t have that size available yet…
However, we offer an awesome custom lenses program that will get you sorted out:

Check it out!

I have the Oakley Holbrook LX but to my knowledge the LX lenses are not interchangeable with the regular non-LX Holbrook. But on the website the measurements for both LX and non-LX are exactly the same, are they the same or different? It is also different on amazon when buying from you through that site.

Hi there! The Oakley Holbrook and Holbrook LX are slightly different in size. The measurements on the site are simply a typo. We will take care of that. If you order the Holbrook LX, they will fit with no issues.
Thank you for the heads up!

do you have a video for replacing the lenses that I just bought from you for the Oakley overtime sunglasses? There are tiny screws at the top and bottom outside corners on the inside part of the frame.

Hello! Since it is a plastic frame, you should not have to deal with the screws at all! It will be similar to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkJ6VqRD8Nc
If you are having difficulty popping the lenses out, you can soak your frame in warm, soapy water for around 30 seconds to loosen it up. Also, if you can’t get it, many opticians or eyeglass retailers will help you change lenses, free of charge.

great site

I need a pair of dolce and gabanna DG 4138. BROWN tone. Do you have?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have that frame on file. If you are a US resident, we can do a custom order for you: http://www.fuselenses.com/custom-lenses.php

ronald galatas

My lenses don’t fit right. Can someone reply.

So sorry about that! I will have someone reach out to you by email today.

Look no further for replacement lenses! I’m a customer for life. The entire experience was a positive one from beginning to end. The lens quality is SUPERIOR, the customer service EXCEEDED my hopes and expectations and the turn-around time is FAST. The entire process is fast and EASY. Thank you for doing what you do! I’ll be back soon.

Lynne Logan/Owner, Upscale Resales, LLC

Hello ,
During a business trip in the U.S.A i had ordered 2 replacement polarized lenses for my very old Oakley Eye Jacket 1.0.
I was impressed about the perfect quality and fast shipping to my US address.
Thank you so much,

adidas yeezy boost 350

We greatly appreciate your ministry.

Christian Jones

Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Quality lenses- buy with confidence. I have been looking for replacement lens options for years for my current frames. Smith doesn’t sell the frames I have any longer and their option is send in the old frames and get a 50% discount. Not an option for me. Fuse provides the solution with quality and perfection. The future’s so bright they gotta wear shades.

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