Three Tips to Find Your New Favorite Sunglasses

With summer rapidly approaching, seemingly everyone is scrambling for a pair of sunglasses to shield their eyes from the intense UV rays to come. Obviously, we all want to look our best in the number one go-to summer accessory (sunglasses). One way to figure this out is figuring out your face shape. However, this is a process not everyone has the motivation to go through. Not to worry – here are three surefire tips for finding the perfect pair of summer sunglasses for you, the fastest and easiest way.


#3 Size Matters:
Especially when you are shopping online and can’t try on the frames, always check the description to find the sizing. Some frames are made with wider faces in mind, and are sized accordingly. You don’t want to have your petite features swimming in an oversized frame that won’t stay on.


#2 Balance is Key:
A tried and true rule to sunglass shopping is to find a shape that’s opposite of your features. This creates balance on your face and will help compliment your looks. If you have a rounded face, a rectangular frame can help ground you. And, the opposite is true – if you have more angular face a round frame can soften your features.

#1 Pull from your Past:
Not every new season requires a brand new frame. We all have shades we hold near and dear to our hearts – the ones that match every outfit and every adventure. (Or we at least have a few pairs we used to like hiding in a junk drawer somewhere). Fuse Lenses is here to help you update your old faves and get them looking fresh and summer ready.

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Barbera Peters

Summer is starting to come to an end but I still need to find a favorite pair of sunglasses before it starts snowing. You talked about how it is an old rule that when finding sunglasses you should look for something opposite of your features. I had no idea that was a rule for creating balance on your face. Thanks for the awesome advice.

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