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3 Reasons to Use Sunglasses in the Winter


With the colder days on their way, many people tend to hang up their favorite pair of sunglasses. It’s a common belief that sunglasses aren’t as important in winter. However, you might be surprised to learn that eye protection in the winter can be even more critical. There is certainly no chance Fuse will see any snow in sunny Florida, but this is for all our Fuse fans who are buried up in the Northern snow. Here are the top three reasons to wear sunglasses during winter:

1. For your Health

Did you know that snow reflects around 80 percent of UV light? This can make your favorite winter sports like snowboarding, ice skating, skiing, and snowman building (which I consider my favorite extreme sport) even more dangerous. We all know that our skin is an organ that can become sunburned from lengthy UV exposure, but so can our eyes! UV damage can cause intense pain, discomfort and even temporary vision loss known as snow blindness. You can even see the effects of prolonged UV exposure develop later in life in the form of lens and retina damage. The only way to protect your eyes is to wear a pair of UV protected lenses (a.k.a. sunglasses).

2. For your SanityWinter Bear

One of the most annoyingly obvious visual problems on bright days during snow season is blinding glare. Glare (or the light that is reflected off snow or other flat surfaces) is more intense and can even temporarily blind you or make objects in your vision appear to fade or disappear altogether. This is why not only regular sunglasses are so important for snow days, but also why upgrading to polarized lenses can make an even more important difference in your day! Polarized lenses not only kick glare’s butt, but also reduces eye strain and increases contrast, which makes everything look crisp and clear.

3. For your Safety

The most important feature to look for in winter sunglasses lies in the lenses. For winter sports, you always want to look for a Polycarbonate material. Unlike glass lenses that easily shatter, Polycarbonate is an impact resistant material that can take a hit! This means that you can now ask for that Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas with confidence, without someone telling you that “you’ll shoot your eye out!”

Luckily, Fuse Lenses offers optical grade Polycarbonate lenses that are always 100% UVA/B/C protected. This means that you can trust Fuse to protect your eyes not just in winter, but all year long. Check out our vast color selection and look cool while keeping warm this winter.

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